World of Tanks Leveling

 Every year the universe of World of tanks is becoming more and more popular, the number of its fans is steadily growing. But, alas, not all players can immediately understand how best to approach the process of leveling tanks to get more victories. We decided to make a small tutorial on the tanks that will be useful for every beginner. Read it, save it as a bookmark and watch it when necessary.

What tanks to boost first?

In World of tanks there are about five hundred different models, so the choice of the tank is able to confuse not only a beginner but also a professional. Choose only by appearance or at random is not possible – you risk to get a weak “machine”, with which the game will turn into a series of constant loses. It is better to pay attention to the classification of the tanks.

The developers have put a lot of effort to make this classification convenient for the user. Tanks here are grouped according to several basic criteria:

  • By nation: Soviet, German, British, American, French, Chinese, and Japanese;
  • According to the type of armament and armor: light, medium, heavy, SPG;
  • According to the method of obtaining: free, paid (premium), gift and promotional.
  • In addition, the tanks in the game are divided into 10 levels, and this also affects the power.

As for the nations, everything is simple: they are not too much influence on the ability of the tank in combat. But with the rest of the parameters we will gradually deal with. 

Levels of Development

Well, now come to the levels of development. There are ten of them in the game, and the most playable are considered to be the fifth through eighth. The first four classes the players call the “sandbox”, and you should not expect anything serious here – it is training, immersion in the game, getting acquainted with the tanks and features of combat.

Levels five through seven – the maximum drive, with serious leveling, and this is where you will get the most enjoyment from the game.

After level 8 XP boosting still makes sense, but then the game becomes more expensive due to the high cost of ammo, and the game becomes more measured, so try to use WoT XP boosting services In general, many players go to the status of “commanders”, giving smart instructions to others via chat. It is your own choice to emulate them or to pump up other branches, but we find the second type of strategy more interesting.