Why playing video games is not a waste of time

Playing video games is not a waste of time as opposed to what many people think. As technology advances, more video gamers are developed and this keeps gamers thrilled. The positive effects of playing video games are a dime a dozen.

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Improves memory

A lot of video games require concentration if you want to succeed in playing them. You have to find where specific resources are kept and what to do if you are ever caught in a maze. If you don’t have a strong memory, remembering this stuff is quite difficult. But the more you play video games and combine multiple tasks, the more you are putting your hippocampus to use.

When you exercise your hippocampus well in the virtual space, you will be better at using it in the physical space. For instance, if you usually lose your way, video games are likely to help improve your memory so you will be good at remembering directions.

Improves vision

When you are in a complicated situation, your brain helps you determine what is important and what isn’t. Playing video games improves your brain’s ability to create the templates to use for determining what is right or not. Also, you will be able to differentiate between patterns and closely-related shades of the same color. Research shows that people who played video games for an average of 6 hours per week had a high contrast sensitivity. One of the real-life benefits could be being able to distinguish your friend in a massive crowd.

Improves decision making

Another positive effect of playing video games is that it improves your ability to make decisions. Every day in our lives, we are faced with many moments of decision-making. You have to decide what to eat, what to wear, how best to respond in situations, etc. Even though not all decisions should be taken quickly, playing video games can help you make quick decisions when placed in dangerous situations. Also, video games help to enhance making decisions when it comes to long-term strategy.

Improves problem-solving ability

One key component of video games is that they are ridden with lots of problems that gamers have to solve before they can move to the next level. This virtual problem-solving ability works for real-life practices. For instance, a study shows that there is a connection between how frequently video games are played and the problem-solving skills the gamers exhibited. Obstacles in video games need memorization, analysis, and creativity to be solved. This in turn translates to being resilient and persistent in real life.

Improves social skills

Some people say that video games enhance social isolation or poor social skills. This is true when gamers play video games excessively. However, when played moderately, video games can improve social skills. Taking on fictional personas in the virtual space helps gamers to understand social interactions, thereby teaching the appropriate social behavior. As such, gamers are more confident when interacting with other people.