Why are Electronic Devices from China Considered Inferior?

China is a country of many stories. You wouldn’t expect less of a country that is filled with over a billion people. That is doubly more than America’s population and more than 20 times more people than you can find in Poland.

One of the many stories that get told about China is the inferiority of their electronic devices. At some point (some might say up till now), ‘Made in China’ was a line used to mock an electronic device after it has failed after a brief period. No one ever thought to put it to a case of a factory defect, the simple song chorused by the many ways that China’s devices were inferior and should never be bought by anyone who wasn’t poor or a cheapskate. Why is this song a hit among tech lovers till it became public opinion? Why do electronic companies reviews become ridicule when it comes to Chinese ones? Read on to discover the truth about the inferiority of Chinese products and why it is so.

Why Chinese Electronic Devices are Considered Inferior

1.Price Point

Just as it is on until gone, Chinese products are usually cheap. They are cheaper than their American or Japanese counterparts. This has people assuming they are cheap and inferior before even getting to use them. This can be blamed on how in the old days, people would associate the high cost of devices with high quality. Chinese devices coming cheap and promising the same features made people rush to conclusions about them.

2.Too Early, Too Soon

It is an open secret that the Chinese want to be at the forefront of industrial manufacturing. Becoming the front-runner of anything requires a steep learning curve. There will be mistakes along the way, but the consequences of those mistakes are usually unforgiving. A point can be made that the Chinese manufacturers tried to take over the market of commercial goods a little too early. They seem to lack the technical knowledge early on, needed to make durable devices. This impacted the reputation of Chinese manufacturing negatively. It’s an action whose impact on their reputation they’ve been trying to shake even till today.

3.Outside Influence

Stories have gone around about the willingness of Chinese factories to produce goods of any quality. In a bid to make bank it seems, they are quite generous in the type of products they make and the quality of them. Shady people looking to make a dollar have capitalized on this to come to China to make orders for shady electronic devices and ship them to people who have no access to better devices. This has given Chinese electronic devices a bad name globally as those companies do not take the blame. They point to China.


China is notoriously popular for popularizing this as a business model. Chinese companies are known to spit out clones of premium devices from time to time. These clones are cheaper but obviously inferior in operation. This has contributed to how people see Chinese products as inferior. It screams a lack of innovation. People simply don’t respect tech setups that aren’t original.

These are the reasons why Chinese electronic devices are considered inferior. However, opinions are changing. Chinese companies have in recent times, been able to demonstrate their ability to make quality devices.