The Best RPG Of All Time You Must Play

A roleplaying game(RPG for short) is a type of game where you, the player, assume the role of a character( mostly the protagonist) in an imaginary world(oh boy, some are so real and believable). From now on, or at least until you turn off your gaming device, you are the character. A soldier in the Second World War, a Warlock in the World Of Warcraft universe, a Jedi in the Star Wars world, yes you can be all of that and then some more!

There are many varieties of RPGs, from the old-school text games that were played at the tabletop before computers were a thing to the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs, I know, a mouthful), that are video games that are played by millions of people simultaneously through the internet. In this article, we are not touching either of those extremes, but the sweet middle ground, the modern single-player offline RPGs. Some are so rich in their narrative, that you forget that it’s a game. It’s interesting beyond belief, and you do believe in the story with all your heart. While right now we are going to discuss the best title of all time, Best RPGS has published a list of RPGs that will definitely make you cry. Either from happiness, sadness, or both.

Our #1 Pick- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This game has been released in 2011 and has since changed the landscape of all games, forever. No title before combined such immersive action, compelling story with an amazing main plot that is book( definitely not one) and Hollywood movie-worthy. It’s definitely going to be made, just a matter of time.

While some are already familiar with The Elder Scrolls series, here are the things that are most common for all parts:

  1. You begin by selecting a character. You have many races to choose from, some human with different ethnicities, and others human-like mythical creatures, such as elves, Khajeets(cat-like species), or Argonians(lizard-like species). 
  2. As soon as you finish creating your avatar, you are submerged into the world of Nirn, on the continent known as Tamriel. In the case of the fifth title, you are located in the province of Skyrim.
  3. After the initiation quest, which is always different but connects you to the main storyline, you can do literally whatever you want. Really got pinched the whole saving the world idea? Great, do that. Oh, you see that huge alligator that’s walking like a bear? Yeah, you can totally just go and fight him as well. The totality of freedom you are given is insane. See that bandit roaming the streets? You can either confront him, sell him the cabbages you collected on your way, or marry him. You choose.
  4. The main plot is amazing. In any scrolls game, you are the hero; you are saving the entire world from collapsing (literally, you will see), you are fighting the worst and strongest villains ever, and you fight them whoever you like. Pure born archer? Put that arrow down that evil guy’s eye. Want to smash everything with an ax, pretending to be the giant Ogre from Harry Potter? Sure. And even if you are that aging wizard grandpa with an enormous white beard hanging from your neck, you can send lighting bolt or giant fireballs at your enemies. Enjoy your pick.
  5. Aside from the main quest, you get hundreds of worthy side-quests. We are not kidding. Literally hundreds, and sometimes thousands of missions for you to explore. Some may be as long and fascinating as the main campaign. There are so many guilds, mercenaries, and even priesthoods you can join, there are things for you to do beyond any belief. Hey, you can play farmer or mansion owner any time. Just earn enough money, buy some land, and build your dream home. How do you earn money? Chop wood, steal from the rich, bounty hunt the wanted, write a book? Yeah, all of that will get you money in Skyrim.
  6. Did we mention you can explore the world as if it was alive, and totally up to you? Yeah, everything is customizable. From a huge seemingly endless array of weaponry, armor, and spells to cast, you can choose who is going to travel with you, who you are going to buy your potions from, mine your metal, and craft your gear. Do you want to ride a horse, or travel by carriage? Be a werewolf who turns every now and then into a giant monster and eats everyone, or sneak and fly as a hideous vampire sucking everyone’s blood? Yes, that’s an option.