Less is more: Why smart technology is prospering in the suburbs

A system was created that linked multiple display screen units similar to smartphones and tablets and health monitoring devices with a central secure database for knowledge to be funneled and stored for monitoring and tracking. The outcomes indicate that almost all participants found the technology acceptable, and that the system was efficiently able to export information securely. In more than 30 interviews with The New York Times, domestic abuse victims, their attorneys, shelter workers and emergency responders described how the technology was changing into an alarming new tool. Abusers — using apps on their smartphones, that are related to the internet-enabled gadgets — would remotely management on a regular basis objects within the residence, generally to observe and hear, different instances to scare or present power.

smart technology

Even after a partner had left the house, the devices typically stayed and continued to be used to intimidate and confuse. While the smart …

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