L’Oréal Launches Snapchat Lenses

But don’t be fooled by its seems – the a hundred–300L performs very nicely. It was made up to L requirements, including UD and fluorite parts (sure glass that Canon makes use of in L lenses), which means the picture quality is sort of good. It is a discontinued model, which suggests you’ll have to find a used one. However, that is good for you, as a result of it’ll be less expensive than your average new lens. Many individuals have started to notice the standard of the Canon 28–eighty f/three.5–5.6 USM, which has caused the value to go up barely.

But the average used price on eBay at present seems to be between $50 and $100, which is a steal. This lens is about $150 brand new, is just about weightless, and is helpful focal size for broad area imaging on certain targets. I bought the Canon EF 50mm …

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