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From prehistoric times, Egyptians in all probability used the power of the annual flooding of the Nile to irrigate their lands, steadily studying to regulate a lot of it by way of purposely constructed irrigation channels and “catch” basins. The ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia used a fancy system of canals and levees to divert water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for irrigation. Continuing enhancements led to the furnace and bellows and supplied, for the first time, the flexibility to smelt and forge gold, copper, silver, and lead – native metals found in relatively pure form in nature. The advantages of copper instruments over stone, bone, and picket instruments had been shortly obvious to early humans, and native copper was probably used from close to the beginning of Neolithic times .

It’s also partially because new technology is being tailored to reinforce safety. As long as we have hackers, cybersecurity …

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