Is it good to play video games in laptop while charging?

ASUS ROG GU502GV-BI7N10,15.6″,Core i7,16GB RAM,NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060,1TB SSD

We’ll update this information with our ideas once we’ve spent some time with them. The Predator Triton 500 shies away from a gamer-centric design in favor of a subdued blackish-blue case Acer calls “abyssal black” and blue trim that’s less edgy than the traditional gamer black-and-pink scheme. But the subtlety is ruined by the Predator brand, which appears as if someone had tried to attract a Decepticon image while drunk. The body is aluminum, but the inside bezel around the display is plastic, which contrasts with the otherwise wonderful chassis. The Triton 500 feels much sturdier and better built than most thin and lightweight gaming laptops we’ve tested, together with the MSI Stealth Thin, which creaked once I leaned on the keyboard tray.

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Gaming laptops are typically more expensive than extra basic-purpose laptops because they typically embrace a devoted graphics chip …

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