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Recommend everybody does that, so we will point out the distinction between air Canada/Sherpa and TAP guidance. @joe_raposo, Joe we flew Toronto-Lisbon with TAP at the end of February this yr and had a rapid take a look at carried out at Shoppers and was OK. Test that Shoppers was utilizing on the time was Panbio from Abbott which is on the EU list of accredited speedy checks. To fly to Portugal the EU Digital Covid Certificate must be proven.

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This is also a fantastic example of an email that’s been optimized for cell. The template—that separates the content into blocks—breaks down simply to make sure a fantastic viewing experience on mobile. U.S. Diplomatic and Official passport holders should contact U.S.

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The template is ideal for sharing updates and the airplane window-style pictures properly go nicely with the industry and model. The lack of buttons here—if they’re capable Travel News of talk every thing within the newsletter—is a win. Readers aren’t tempted to click away earlier than receiving the full update—smart.

Well we are now reconsidering ever going to Portugal. Many other places to spend tourist dollars that wantCanadians and treat as valued guests. Looking at Ariel’s link, Canada might not have a reciprocal relationship, however neither do the US or Brazil, each of whom are allowed to visit for non essential reasons. In any case, this was true of Canada before Feb 9 as properly, so what occurred precisely on that date?

Plus fascinating travel news that you simply might not read anyplace else. It is more necessary than ever to get travel insurance coverage and check it supplies sufficient cowl. See the FCDO steering on overseas travel insurance. If you propose to move via another nation to return to the UK, verify the travel recommendation for the country you’re transiting.