Best Storage And Moving Services Between Provinces In All Of Canada

Still, think that moving between provinces is a hassle? No More..! The move to all of Canada was immediately sorted out by the experts, especially with the cheap storage in Vancouver.

When you plan to move out of the province, generally there are 4 things that you ask which of course will be a consideration in choosing an inter-provincial moving service:

•         How much does it cost?

•         What is the process of moving goods from the origin to the destination location?

•         How safe are the goods?

•         And How long is the estimated time?

The four questions above are often asked by customers who are still confused about choosing an inter-provincial moving service. And we strongly agree that these four questions are questions that must be explained in detail by every moving service company and storage unit in Maple Ridge so that customers don’t make the wrong choice.

Bearing in mind that inter-provincial transfers do not only involve the land fleet, but also the marine fleet. Through upakstorage, they will answer these four questions in detail.

So for those of you who are planning to move your house or office outside the province, you will know exactly that it turns out that moving between provinces is not as complicated and expensive as you imagine.

Upakstorage can assure you that moving out of the province will be practical, fast, and inexpensive. And most importantly, your moving goods are safe until they reach their destination.

What is the Estimated Cost of Moving Between Provinces?

Knowing the prices of storage units in Coquitlam is a very important part of the course for you. It should be noted together, that inter-provincial transfers are divided into 2 cost components, packing costs and shipping costs.

How to calculate packing costs:

•         Wooden crate packing material – W(cm) x L(cm) x H(cm) x 0.6 = $?

•         Cardboard packing material – P(cm) x L(cm) x H(cm) x 0.3 = $?

•         Plastic wrap packing material – P(cm) x L(cm) x H(cm) x 0.1 = $?

You can choose what type of packing material you want to use, you can choose one or all three (depending on the needs of the goods).

How to calculate shipping costs:

For shipping costs, the unit used is m3 (not kg). After you get the number of packing costs and shipping costs, then. packing costs + shipping costs = moving costs between provinces.

How is the Transfer Process Using Inter-Province Moving House Services?

It should be remembered together, that moving between provinces and even islands is not enough just to rent a truck. Moving between provinces and islands involves at least 2 modes of transportation land transportation, and also sea transportation.

In short, the goods moved from the original location are transported using land transportation to the port to be forwarded using sea transportation to the destination island.

Arriving at the destination island, the delivery of the transferred goods is forwarded using land transportation to the destination point.

How Is The Safety Of The Goods?

This is interesting, to know for sure the safety of the goods to be sent outside the province.

As a customer are also very important to know, that the delivery of moving goods outside the province and even the island has two different shipping methods.

By knowing the difference between the two methods, you will understand how to choose the right method so that your moving goods can safely arrive at their destination.

1.      Full Charter

The first method is full charter. In logistics, it is often referred to as FCL (full container load) or FTL (full trucking load).

The workings of the full charter method are, that the customer (sender) rents a cargo container (FCL) or truck (FTL) with a full load filled only with goods from 1 sender.

So if you use the full charter method, the cargo container or truck you rent is only filled with your goods.

2.      Consolidation

The second method is consolidation. This is the opposite of a full charter. The way the consolidation method works are to combine goods from several senders into one cargo container or cargo truck to the same destination city.

So if you use the consolidation method, then your goods will be combined into one cargo container whose cargo also consists of goods by several shippers.

Then, which one is safer?

If the consideration is security, then actually both methods are safe. It’s just that, what you need to take into account is how much of you moving to stuff?

If you are moving a lot of goods (10 m3 and above), we recommend using the full charter method.

On the other hand, if there are not too many items to be moved (under 10 m3), we recommend using the consolidation method.

How Long is the Estimated Time?

Depending on your destination, to be sure, moving between provinces is not like sending goods just like that. There will be a process of packing the goods moved from their previous original location, the goal is that the goods are guaranteed safety during the delivery process.

After the packing process is complete, next is the process of sending the moving goods to the destination city/province. No matter where your location is, we can help you move quickly, cheaply, and safely.

Reasons Why Choose Upakstorage For Transfer Between Provinces?

Here are the advantages of upakstorage compared to other expedition services:

1.      Experienced Expert Team

Upakstorage moving team consists of experts who are very experienced in handling relocations. To ensure that your goods can be packaged as well as possible, you can even ask the upakstorage to survey your location first before starting to pack it.

2.      Furniture Disassembly Service

You no longer need to bother disassembling your furniture. Our team of upakstorage experts can help you disassemble and reassemble so you get a complete solution for all your home or office moving needs.

3.      Quality Packing Material

Upakstorage uses various packing materials (bubble wrap, blanket, and fully wooden pack) to ensure your goods arrive safely at their destination

4.      Transport by Closed Box Truck

To keep your shipment safe until it reaches its destination and avoids being exposed to rain and hot sun, upakstorage uses closed box trucks or containers for house moving services between provinces.

5.      Shipping Insurance Available

Upakstorage also provides shipping insurance at an additional premium for your convenience.

6.      Extensive network

In addition to upakstorage representative offices available in various provinces throughout Canada, upakstorage also collaborates with its partners to expand their network so that upakstorage can take your goods anywhere you want.